General Foot Care

Looking after your feet is a vital part of general health. Coast Care can help with nail care, including thick, discoloured, fungal nails, treatment of callus and corns, warts, and fungal skin and nail infections.

Orthotic Management

Kelly has over 10 years of experience prescribing orthotics with on of the largest orthotic laboratories, Footwork. Orthotics help improve function and treat lower leg and foot injuries. Orthotics are also prescribed to aid in knee, hip, back and upper body alignment.

Coast Care undertakes a comprehensive biomechanical assessment  and prescribes orthotics as part of a holistic approach which also includes a strong focus on strength and flexibility training and rehabilitation.

Footwear Advice

Navigating which shoe to buy in a shoe shop can be overwhelming. Coast Care can provide advice on casual, every-day, sports and athletic footwear. Coast Care’s strong relationship with local footwear shops in the Geelong area means you’ll get the best fit. We can also make modifications to your current footwear.

Ingrown Toenails/Nail surgery

Many ingrown toenails can be treated with conservative management however some nails will require surgery to remove the offending piece of curved nail. The surgery procedure is undertaken in the treatment room, under local anaesthetic.

Coast Care can show you proper toenail cutting techniques and offer footwear advice to help prevent ingrown toenails.

Sports Podiatry

We can tailor treatment to your specific goals, with a strong focus on rehabilitation and reconditioning. We can treat acute and chronic injuries of the lower limb and foot. Treatment may also include soft tissue massage, dry needling, footwear advice and orthotics.

Paediatric Podiatry

Even if you have a small concern about your child’s feet, it’s good to seek advice. There are many different issues that may affect growing feet, including ingrown nails, warts, in-toeing, out-toeing and flat feet. Kelly is a member of the APODA paediatric special interest group and has a passion for working with children in paediatric podiatry.

Wax Bath Therapy

Paraffin wax is used to improve circulation, prevent and treat chilblains, improve skin hydration and ease deep muscle or joint pain in the foot such as arthritis. This treatment leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and warms your feet right to the joints. Wax bath therapy may be used as a one off treatment or ongoing as part of your treatment plan.

Dry Needling

Coast Care has undertaken further education and training in dry needling and trigger point therapy to compliment treatments. Used in conjunction with other soft tissue therapies, dry needling is used to ease tension in muscles, tendons and ligaments by stimulating muscle trigger points.