Walk on air
with Coast Care

Who Are We?

Coast Care Podiatry founder Kelly Fuller began a lifelong connection to the Surfcoast during family holidays in Lorne, where she was an active member of the surf club. Kelly’s love of the beach and the sand between her toes lead her back to the coast where she has been working as a Podiatrist on the Surfcoast for 10 years.


General Foot Care

Looking after your feet is a vital part of general health. Coast Care can help with nail care, including thick, discoloured, fungal nails, treatment of callus and corns, warts, and fungal skin and nail infections.

Orthotic Management

Kelly has over 10 years of experience prescribing orthotics with on of the largest orthotic laboratories, Footwork. Orthotics help improve function and treat lower leg and foot injuries. Orthotics are also prescribed to aid in knee, hip, back and upper body alignment.

Coast Care undertakes a comprehensive biomechanical assessment and prescribes orthotics as part of a holistic approach which also includes a strong focus on strength and flexibility training and rehabilitation.

Footwear Advice

Navigating which shoe to buy in a shoe shop can be overwhelming. Coast Care can provide advice on casual, every-day, sports and athletic footwear. Coast Care’s strong relationship with local footwear shops in the Geelong area means you’ll get the best fit. We can also make modifications to your current footwear.